A night at the car races


There are perks to my Honey Bee’s job, he is a news photographer for a local station where we live. One of the perks is tickets to local events, we do not get them often but when we do it’s a lot of fun. This week Honey Bee brought home tickets to a drag race. I am not going to lie I wasn’t that excited. When I was a child my parents at one point owned a business that provided the local race way with their mascot. Since it was a small family business it meant we were at the races a lot and as it exciting as it was in the end it was a lot of waiting. This time was a little different, we walked in and we could not only hear the jett engines on the raceway we could feel them. It was like we rode we every sound wave that came off of the engines. Princess Bee and her fun friend who got to come with us would exchange smiles between races. We had to buy ear plugs for the girls because the sounds were so loud.IMG_5360

It was hard not to catch the excitement of the crowd as each car made it’s way down the track. With the average time being only 37 seconds when the cars passed they looked like a blur. The true joy was when the Jelly Belly Fire Truck came down the race track and threw Jelly Belly’s to the kids. After that the kids and well me were pretty much ready to leave. We had a great time at the race way, unfortantly Princess Bee came home with a fever. Ugh! When we thought it was cleared it not only came back but it also came with a head to toe rash. The doctor put her on some meds and it looks like she will be my buddy for a couple of days since she cannot return to school. We are making the most of it though pancakes this morning and homemade chicken noodle soup. Tomorrow I will post my recipe as well as an update on Princess Bee.


I hope your day is blessed!